Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Months

Happy 3 Months Little Lady!

Here is a little of what you have been up to this past month:
  • According to our scale you weigh exactly 13 lbs!
  • You are in a size 2 diaper.
  • You have the cutest little chubby legs ;)
  • You are pretty much in 3 month clothes exactly!
  • You still don't have much hair, but it is growing a little!
  • Your eyes are the prettiest bright blue!!
  • You discovered your love to stick it out HA!
  • You sleep from about 9-10 pm until 7:45 am on the dot. I wonder what makes up get up right at that time? (but that's great with me ;)
  • You took your first road trip and did great!
  • You are a are drooling a ton!
  • You get the hiccups a least once a day.
  • You started to suck on your makes us laugh because you try to get your whole hand in your mouth!
  • You "talk" to us alot...we just love your coos.
  • Your head is very strong, we can sit you on our lap and you hold it up so well.
  • You went to the zoo this month for your first time.
  • You are such a little mover...even at night! One night I woke up, looked at the video monitor, and you had turned sideways in your crib, and by morning you had completely turned yourself around. This happens a lot turn a complete 180 by morning....HA!
  • You started fighting sleep alot (especially at bed time)....we are working on getting you to bed earlier before you become overly tired!
  • You start to flap your arms when I read to you....I think you are going to like books just like me :)
  • When you are in your swing or bouncer and DON'T want to be in it you start to strain to lift your head! I kinda laugh because it looks funny but you are trying so hard to sit up!
A little biased here but we sure think she is perty ;)
Yes...we wash her hair even though there is not much of it ;)
Lifting her head....Gooooooo Brooklyn!
Don't you just want to eat her up ;)
Still loves to sleep with her arms up!
Trying to eat her hand...HA!
One happy little girl.....
..........and I'm one happy momma! Love you B!!!
    Here she is telling us about bathtime ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Houston Zoo!

It was such a beautiful weekend we decided to take Brooklyn to the zoo (it was my first time to go to the Houston Zoo as well)! She fussed some when we first got there but she settled down and we had a great time walking around and seeing all the animals. Here is a little recap :)

In honor of the new baby elephant we dress Brooklyn appropriately ;)

Here is the new baby :)

Enjoying the stroll....

...and lunch :)
See ya later alligator!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Little Fish

Brooklyn LOVES bath time....we call her our little fish :)

(Sorry B I tried to cover you but you kept kicking off the washcloth!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brad the Dad

Dear Brooklyn,
Since before you were born your Daddy has loved you. I love seeing you two together and watching him take care of you. Sometimes he says things about you that just put the biggest smile on my face! I just wanted to share some of his favorite things he loves most about you and some things he does with you :) I wish I could remember everything! I can't wait for you to read all about these things when you are older :)
  • Right away he was a big help and wanted to do as much as he could for you (and me)! He was better at swaddling you and burping you than I was :) He also changed alot of your diapers..yes...even the poopy ones. At night when you would wake up he would get you out of your bassinet, change your diaper, and bring you to me to nurse. When you were done I would give you back to him and he would burp you and put you back to sleep. Such a big help for mommy, but he really enjoyed that time with you. He would tell me how it didn't matter what time of the night/morning it was....he loved seeing you :)
  • He loves how tiny you are....every inch of you! Over and over he just looks at me and says,"She is soooooo cute!"
  • I usually sit in the back seat with you in the car, but once in a while your daddy will insist that I drive so he can spend some time with you...he always gets bummed when you fall asleep (which you do quickly and often) in the car.
  • When we get to church he always wants to hold you and carry you in. He is so proud of you and loves showing you off :) Sometimes in church when you are squirmy or fussy I will ask him if he wants me to take you and he usually says, "No :)" He loves to hold you and take care of you!"
  • He thinks your yawns are the cutest thing and he is always trying to snap a picture!
  • He loves when you fall asleep on his chest.
    • I wish you could see the way he looks at is so hard to describe in words, but it is pure joy and love. He is so in awe by everything you do; the way you move, the noises you make, and the faces you make!
    • He loves to take you outside, his favorite place, and show you the grass, flowers, and sky.
    (I took this picture one day without him knowing it)
      • He enjoys giving you your bath. At one point he was giving you your bath almost every time and I went to do it one time and you just kept looking at me like, "Mom...what are you doing?!...this is not how daddy does it!!" Hahaha! (See picture....)
      • When you have been asleep/or in the morning when you start to cry he likes to be the one to go in and "rescue" you (as he calls it). He likes to be your "rescuer"...hehe! He swoops you up out of your crib and cuddles you close :)
      • He loves to read your stories.
      • He is your comforter when we take you to the doctor....this is you and him when you were waiting to see your doctor at your 2 month check up. He kept telling you there was nothing to be afraid of ;)
        • He enjoys picking out what you are going to wear! He is pretty good at it and always comments on how cute your outfits are. He even picks out a bow to match! One time he got you all dressed and I thought you looked sooooo cute, and then I looked at your shoes and just had to laugh...he had put them on the wrong feet! Silly Daddy ;)
        • He is really good at putting you to sleep....he likes to walk you up and down the stairs. Sometimes I catch him singing you a song to put you to sleep and it makes me smile :)
        • He loves getting to feed you when he can! He got to feed you when we went to the zoo :)
        • He is really good at getting you to smile (I am a little jealous of this one..HA)! You smile at him soooo much. He loves to play and talk with you too! When he comes home from work this is the first thing he does!
        • When he is changing your clothes he plays peak a boo with you as he pulls your outfit over your face (he told me one day that is what he does with you) ;)
        • He loves to take you places and show you things....
        this picture is when we took you to the zoo, he loves it!
        and this view was so pretty he just had to stop and show you!
        • He STILL loves to watch you sleep. He is always talking about "the hand thing" you do. Sometimes you sleep with your hands like this....; he laughs and laughs (it's his favorite!). He also does a really good impression of you when you are waking makes me laugh so hard. When you are older PLEASE ask him to do this for you, it's pretty funny!
        and .....
        • he loves to curl up and take a nap right beside you :)

        • He loves you more than you will ever know....
        even when you make "little"........OK.......maybe "BIG" messes on him!

        (sorry if any of you have a weak stomach ;-/)

        "I LOVE you too Daddy!"

        You Two Make Quite A Pair and I Love You Both :)

        Saturday, October 9, 2010

        Arranged Marriage

        So I think I am ALL FOR arranged marriages now that I have Honey B....*wink wink*!!!
        So many of my friends have the sweetest little boys....hummmm.

        Here is Brooklyn and one of my best friend's little boy, Ryder!
        They are ONLY 5 yrs apart...not too bad...hehe!!

        He kept telling me she was pretty...awe so sweet!

        Yup...definitely reconsidering the whole marriage thing ;)

        Tuesday, October 5, 2010

        First Road Trip

        Brooklyn went on her first road trip to see Uncle Adam in Tyler TX. It was a 4hr drive! I was a little nervous but knew we could stop if we had too :) Our Aunt Marliyn lives about half way so we decided to stopped there to visit and eat lunch. B slept the whole two hours!! We enjoyed a quick visit and the headed out for the rest of the trip. She slept the next 2 hours and about with 10 minutes left of the trip she woke up and screamed haha! I would say she did GREAT!!!

        We had a wonderful time seeing Adam! His new place was nice and he was able to show us around Tyler :) We ate at the Egg and I, which is one of my favorite places, and enjoyed visiting with the congregation there too. Adam cooked us made us the best meal too....honey glazed teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple, rice and a balsamic salad...YUM YUM. She cuddled with her uncle and he enjoyed giving her a time she had a little explosion in her diaper while he was holding her (it took him by surprise HA!) and he just looked at us like, "WOW all that just came out of such a little thing!" YEP....hahaha! It was so funny! Adam mentioned how much stronger she was and didn't seem as fragile from the last time he saw her when she was just a week old! Our little girl is just growing and growing.

        Brooklyn and Uncle Adam
        She sure loves him :)

        We found out it was kinda slow on the farm so we left Adam's on Sunday afternoon and headed about an hours drive to Kemp TX to see one of my best friends and her family! She did great in the car again and we enjoyed a wonderful couple days with them! We left Tuesday to make the 4 hour drive home, she slept for 3 hours, woke up and ate, and slept the rest of the way home. Such a little traveler (makes daddy so proud..hehe). We were ready to get home and back into the swing of things but this was a wonderful first trip for B and mommy too ;)