Friday, March 30, 2012

Brynlee Week 1

  • You have done AWESOME your first week home :)
  • You pretty much sleep ALL the time!!
  • You were 7lbs 12oz at birth and when we left the hospital you were 7lbs 6oz and today you are back up to your birth weight 7lbs 12oz :)
  • You had a lot of visitors this week! Everyone just couldn't wait to meet you!
  • You are just as pretty as can be.... alot of people have said what a pretty newborn you are!
  • You are not awake very much but your eyes are a very dark blue right now, they remind me of the way Brooklyn's looked at this age.
  • You smell yummy!  I love your milk breath hehe!
  • You smile in your sleep...I also wonder what you are thinking.
  • You like to sleep with one arm up...sometimes both.
  • We took you to the doctor for your one week check up and you did great...again slept pretty much the whole time.  Dr. Hirsch said you were very healthy!  
  • Brooklyn LOVES you to pieces!  When she wakes up in the morning she immediately wants to see you and goes running out of her room :)
  • This was a tough week for mommy.  I could hardly get out of bed :(  I was sad cause I felt like I couldn't do for you as much as I wanted too but you seemed very happy.  Grammy and MeeMee came to help which was such a blessing and they loved snuggling with you too!
  • We are so in love with you Brynlee,and so happy you are in our life!  Hard to believe you are already 1 week old!!!

Sweet Smiles

There is the "One Arm" sleeping pose Ha!

Surrounded by his girls = One Happy Daddy

Getting Sugars from Sister

Our little cutie headed to the doctor!

She had just eaten...can you tell lol!

A New Sister

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hospital Stay and Coming Home

After Brynlee was born at 7:37 pm we had to wait in the labor and delivery room for quite a while until a room opened up for us.  My parents were already at the hospital.  Brad's parents were watching Brooklyn and as soon as they put her to bed they called MeMaw and DaDaw to come over to stay with her.  Then they raced to the hospital.  They got there just after she was was perfect timing!  So soon after she was born Grammy and Nana came into the room to meet her.  They would only allowed 2 visitors and then they needed to take her to the nursery to give her a bath and such..... guess the Grandmas got priority over the!  They took Brynlee to the nursery which made me sad but Brad went with her. Laci stayed with me and we chatted, I was glad not to be alone :) They gave Brynlee a bath and measured her and checked her over.  Brad kept sending me pictures on my phone.  This was also the first time B-Pa and Poppa got to see her :)  Eventually she was brought back to me and we said good bye to our parents.  We ending up staying in that room until almost 11:00 pm!

I think by the time we got all settled and ready to sleep it was about 2:00 am on Saturday.  I was so anxious for this day to come because we would get to see Brooklyn and she would get to meet her little sister for the first time!!  We rested when we could and Brynlee nursed about every 2-2 1/2 hrs or so. It was kinda crazy because the hospital was all under constructions o we were in a different wing than we would have normally been in.  I guess it was the surgery ward and I remember one time hearing nurses run down the hall and I could tell something bad was happening!  It was a little nerve racking but we managed. In the morning we were moved to a different was much larger, which we were so thankful for because we knew a lot of people would be coming to visit today :)

My parents came that morning and as soon as they got there Brad's parents arrived with Brooklyn.  I was so nervous b/c normally Brooklyn screams every time I took her to my doctors appointment (which I ended up not doing very much for that reason), but she just has this major phobia of doctors.  I was worried that she would not want to sit on my lap or really be in the room.  I ended up getting out of bed and going to sit on the couch by the door.  Brynlee was in the little hospital bassinet.  Well Miss B came running into the room and went straight to me and gave me a big hug and sat on my lap :)))  It was long before she spotting Brynlee and immediately want to see her and HOLD her.  SHe just keep reaching and reaching and pointing and trying to tell us the best she could that she wanted to hold her baby sister!  Brooklyn just had the BIGGEST SMILE EVER as we all sat down on the bed and she held her sister.  OHHH in just melted my heart I wanted to cry!!  She just stared at her and then she started to point over the the couch. We were all wondering what she wanted and then realized she wanted her "Bunny" (that is like lovey) and she gave it to her sister!  It was the sweetest thing ever :)  She held her for a little while and then when she was done we took her back.  Brooklyn was pretty interested in her the whole time she was there.  It was so awesome to see her just love on her sister!  They brought Brooklyn a NEW SIBLING cake and she ate some of that and we gave Brooklyn a little toy dog (which she was afraid of b/c it moved lol) and a book called "Little Mommy".  B-Pa read her the book and she loved it :)  We had a nice visit with our family and then they left so Brooklyn could eat luch and get back for her nap.

The rest of Saturday we had a lot of friends and family come.  Uncle Blake, Aunt Erica, and Cousin Bryce came to meet her.  Bryce was so sweet too and kept wanting to give Brynlee her paci (he loves his paci).....hehe!  We were pretty tired by the end of the day.  Brynlee was doing great...she pretty much slept the whole time and just woke up to eat.  I remember her pooping a TON!!  It seemed Brad was always changing her diaper ha! Saturday night went well although I do remember being excited to go home just so I could sleep better...I was so tired of all the nurses coming in to check my vitals or whatever and waking me up haha!

Sunday came and my doctor cleared me to go home and Dr. Hirsch (our pediatrician) cleared Brynlee.  She was now 7lbs 6 oz but doing just fine :)  We took some pictures of her in a few special outfits we brought.  Brad dresses her in her "Coming Home" outfit and we were on our way.  It was very surreal like it was the first time!  Here was this little girl coming home with us!  We felt so blessed and couldn't wait to see Brooklyn again :)

We decided to stop at MeeMee house (Brad's grandma) so she could see her before heading home.  She was very excited to see her and hold her.  Miss Brynlee was very well behaved and enjoyed some loving from MeeMee :)

When we arrived home Brooklyn was there and as soon as she saw Brynlee she came running out of her playroom and tried to unbuckle her from her car seat.  She kept pointing to herself telling us she wanted to hold her.  I wish I had video Brooklyn's face when she 1st saw her, she just had the biggest smile ever and just so interested in this little baby! We let her hold her and then had Brooklyn show her around the house ;)  Kathy left (a BIG thank you to her for watching Brooklyn for us) and so began our journey at home with our two precious girls!  I remember looking at Brad and just thinking "wow what now!" ha!

It was a pretty crazy evening and night and I think on Monday we called Kathy and said, "Ummm I think we need some help!" LOL

Enjoy the photos :)  Had so many I decided to make a smilebox...some I already used in the first video but there are different ones that include visitors :)

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Brynlee Paige Walker

Brynlee Paige Walker

Born March 23rd at 7:37 pm
7lbs 12oz 20 3/4 inches

March 21st 

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday March 21st; I started to go to the doctor weekly at 36 weeks.  I was 38 weeks pregnant now and beyond READY to have our sweet girl!  This pregnancy was very different from my first and I felt so huge in my belly and ached all over. I was disappointed to hear I was only 1cm dilated, but I never got past a 1 with Brooklyn before my water broke so I knew something could still happen soon.  I was hoping Miss Brynlee would follow the same path as her sister and come around this time :)) but you never know!

March 22nd

The next day I didn't feel any different.  A friend and her two boys came over, while the kids played we chatted about being preggo (she is due also with a little girl). I told her maybe this baby would end up being an April baby after all ha! (My official due date was April 3rd)

That night I remember telling Brad I was feeling some pressure but nothing really significant.  I slept ok...well maybe that's a stretch in words, since I got up like 20 times to go to the bathroom!! 

March 23rd

I woke up on Friday, March 23rd feeling that same pressure.  When I went to the bathroom I noticed a little bit of bleeding.  Not hardly anything at all and I almost didn't even bother calling the doctor but every time I went to see Dr. Ball she always told me to call if I was ever bleeding.  I wanted to be on the safe side so I called.  Well Dr. Ball was not working...which I knew she wasn't on the I waited for the on call doctor to call me back.  In the mean time I called Brad to let him know and I jumped in the shower.  A little while later the doctor called me back and after I explained why I called she said she wanted me to come to the hospital! WHAT... I was kinda surprised!!  I really didn't feel like I was in labor or anything!  I called Brad back and told him we needed to go in....I felt so bad cause he had a few appointment that day he was going to have to cancel and I felt like they were just going to send me home anyway lol!  I finished getting ready and started packing the last few items into my bag.  Brad came home and packed also (he didn't have anything ready, but it never takes him long and it didn't).  We dropped Brooklyn off at Grammy's.  She came out to greet us and said, "IS IT TIME?"  HA I just looked at her and said, "I really don't know." lol.!  

Brad and I headed off to the hospital.  I remember having a few pretty painful contractions on the way and starting to wonder if something was going on!?! We checked in at the Labor and Delivery Testing Room which was downstairs.  This part was all new to us since my water had already broke with Brooklyn at this point.  The nurses were so nice and as they got my room ready they had me go to the restroom.  I did and as soon as I came out I knew my water broke!!!!  It was 10:05 am. I laughed and told them I am either peeing on myself or my water broke!  They laughed and said well lets get you on this bed and check!  Sure enough it had....could not have been better timing I guess :)  I just looked at Brad and said, "Wow it's is the day!" He just smiled :))

The next part was probably the longest part for me. The nurse checked me and said I was still at a 1 maybe a 2 (I was bummed and a little surprised). They hooked me up to the monitors and got an IV started.  Funny story about that was the nurse said something about how they need better lighting in these rooms right before she stuck me and then stopped and looked at me and said, "That was probably not something I should have said out loud right before I give someone an IV!"  HAHA we laughed about that!  After I was all settled they told me it might be a while until a room became available and to just sit tight.  This was the longest part...the waiting.  We had no phone service in the room so Brad left and went to call family to let them know that they were keeping me and it was time :)  and he texted a bunch of friends to tell them as well.  It seemed like he was gone forever but really it was just my nerves and the anticipation of what was about to happen!  So from about 10 till almost 1 I was in the room waiting for a bed to open up in Labor and Delivery. I was hardly feeling any contractions and was starting to get nervous that it was going to be another long day of labor.  I have always heard that second babies come faster but I was not so sure she was going to at this rate ha.  So I just waited and watched a little TV (Ironically "A Baby Story" was on!) and finally they came in and said there was a room upstairs...Woo Hoo!!! 

We headed upstairs and I got all settled into the room!  I had two nurses, both were very nice.  We did ask them if they knew Laci and if she was working...we just really wanted to see her!  Laci was the nurse who delivered Brooklyn and we LOVED her!  We kept in touch with her after Brooklyn was born and we were probably "secretly" hoping she WAS working that day and could at least see our new baby :)  They said they thought she might be but that was about as far as the conversation went.  We didn't want to be rude and ask them to get her or anything....more on Laci later.  So they started me on Pitocin, it was about 2 in the afternoon....I was thankful cause I didn't feel like much was happening (it reminded me so much of Brooklyn's labor at this point) I felt maybe the Pitocin would get things moving!  AND Sure enough it did!  The contractions came on much stronger and faster than with Brooklyn and by about 4:30 I was ready for my epidural!! That epidural could not have come any faster! They checked me right after I got the epidural and I was at 4 cm!

Well it wasn't long after that then guess who came walking through the door!  LACI!!!  Our nurse told her that we had asked about her and she came running in right away!  We all hugged and were just so excited to see each other!  She stayed and talked to us for a while...she said that if she could not be here for the delivery she would come by for sure afterwards to meet our little girl.  Around 5:30 pm after Laci left I told Brad he should go downstairs and get some dinner.  We really were just waiting for my body to progress and didn't know how long it would take.  They mentioned that they probably would not check me again until 7pm when the doctors and nurses switch over.  So downstairs Brad went.  It was good timing b/c my parents showed up (they drove in from Killeen TX which is about a 4 hrs drive) around that time so they all headed to eat in the good ol cafeteria! By this time it was around 6:15 and I was starting to feel pressure.  I told the nurse and she decided to go ahead a check me.  Sure enough I was at a 10!!!  YAY!!!  I called Brad, who had not gotten to eat one bite of food, and told him it was time :)))  He came back upstairs and we just waited for the doctor.  It took a little while so my parents came in and said hi real quick then they left. I could not believe how quickly I had progressed and here we were all ready to push and bring her into the world!

I pushed for 30 minutes and she was here!  Ahhhh the emotions were overwhelming.  I cried and cried and just looked at her and held her to my skin.  She was breathtaking...absolutely beautiful!  Brad touch her and kissed her and kissed me and I kissed her and it was just one of those moments that will be etched into your mind forever.  It was just like the first time all over again.....our precious girl had arrived!  We were shocked by her dark hair! I think that was one of the first things I said. We just kept looking at her over and over. Once again God had answered our prayers, bringing Brynlee into the world safely, and had given us another blessing! We were now a family of four :)  

Here is a video I made.  I used the same song I did for Brooklyn's was just too prefect :) I cry just about every time I hear it.  We are so in love with our sweet Brynlee...Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello Blog World....It's Been a While


Well I took quite a break from blogging which I totally regret :(  I feel like so much has happened with both Brooklyn and our newest addition Brynlee Paige.  I had hoped to document my pregnancy with Brynlee but didn't get to it...the second time around is really hard when you are chasing a toddler lol!  I did take lots of pictures so hopefully I can put something together for her in the future :) They say second children never have as many pictures, or this or that, as the first (which I am realizing why!).  I'm not off to the best start (lack of pregnancy posts ha), but hopefully I will be able to document her first year like I did for Brooklyn......and stories of these two sweet girls along the way!
Enjoy and thank you for coming back :)