Thursday, January 28, 2010

December Happening!

  • I craved apples (Brad was so sweet and cut me up an apple every morning....I would eat it in bed)
  • I felt nauseous, but if I ate right away I would feel ok (sometimes :-/)
  • Senses were definitely heightened. I had to ask Brad to remove the pine cones from the Christmas Tree that were scented...yuck!
  • I was very tired....slept really well! Might also be because of all the bathroom trips at night....ha!
  • I've been crying at everything...songs on the radio, commercials, and just simply when someone would say congrats we have been praying that this would happen for you guys! Awe :)
  • ......And of course I had a few more I won’t mention on here ;)

Precious Moments
  • Brad telling me the story about going into the Peterbilt store and seeing the onesie’s with the Peterbilt symbol on them and hoping someday he could buy it for his child.  I cried
  • A few times Brad would go in his closet and come out all teared up....I knew he had just read his book.......AGAIN :)
  • Telling EVERYONE our great news! Parents, siblings, extended family, and friends!  It was so much fun!
  • Everyones sweet comments on Facebook and Pleonast ( do I keep up with it all you ask?!? lets just say pleo is taking a back seat...ha!)  I printed them out to show Baby Walker someday how much he/she was loved from the start! Also, peoples kind words in person, phone calls, and cards.  We are surround by such love!
  • Seeing our gorgeous baby for the first time!

Fun Stuff
  • I downloaded the What to Expect When Your Expecting  and Baby Name Apps onto my itouch.  We love reading about our baby's growth (what is going on in there) and what is happening with me (although
  • I dug out some baby books one of my BFF’s gave me a few years ago and dove right in :) I bought Dr. Oz's book this month too.   I love reading!
  • Opening up Baby Walker’s first gifts...... (this could fall under Precious Moments because as I was opening them I just could hardly believe these gifts were for was kinda surreal!) 

I guess he is all prepared :-D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our First Doctor's Visit!!!

I felt like this was the longest two week!  At this point no one else knew, which was kinda special for Brad and I, but it was REALLY hard to keep such a wonderful secret!!  Not sure why we did.....I think part of us was still so shocked, nervous about something going wrong, and just really wanted it to be confirmed by the doctor.  

I was nervous to meet the doctor, but excited!  I hoped I liked her!  My previous doctor, whom I can’t say enough wonderful things about, had retired.  I had called his nurse, who now works at my GI doctors office, and she recommended Dr. Ball.  I trusted her and we prayed lots.....I mean this lady was going to be in charge of bringing our sweet one into the world.  I wanted Baby Walker in the best hands!!!  

Brad and I left really early and decided to eat at THE CRAVE, so appropriately named (it is a yummy restaurant located on the first floor of the building)!  It was delicious and then we headed upstairs.

The visit was GREAT!  We both felt so comfortable with Dr. Ball and she was so kind, let us asked anything, we didn’t feel rushed, and she shared in our joy and excitement!  She did an ultra sound and our hearts just bursts with joy as we saw our little bean on the screen.  There was a little flashing light that she said was the heart beating.....150 bpm.  WOW!  Everything looked great and I felt for the first time in two weeks that I could breath!  This was REAL! I was in so much awe!  We just looked at our baby’s first picture all the way home and.............FELL IN LOVE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thankful for Skype!

My brother Adam, sister Andrea, and her family live in Colorado. That is where I grew up! We decided to tell them over Skype so we could SEE their reaction in person! I was so thankful that I live in a day where technology provides this kind of thing. It is really neat! We had planned on Skyping Christmas day so it was the perfect opportunity to tell them....what a neat Christmas gift right?!?! I was so excited I practically gave it away by calling them non-stop Christmas day asking them if they were ready to Skype....haha! Fortunately they didn't have a clue so as we were skyping I told them someone else wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas! I lifted up the ultra sound picture!!!!!! Adam and Erik (my BIL) had the biggest smile on their faces and Andrea cried. It was just as I had imagined! So much fun! Everyone is so happy for us and excited to meet Baby brings tears to my eyes just thinking about seeing my family holding this sweet bundle of joy someday :)

Here are Adam, Andrea, and Erik after we told them the news!

My niece Tia got home a little later so we told her too and as you can probably guess this is a reenactment of the big reveal (my bros face cracks me up the most..haha) fam is crazy, but I love them!! ;)


Still playing catch up......

December 22nd

After we arrived home from Killeen.  We decided to tell Brad’s brother Blake and his wife Erica.  They live in the guest house we use to live in on the farm.  They have been married for a year and just moved back to Texas in October from North Carolina where Blake was stationed for the Marines.  I had not been feeling well, but after Erica called and wanted to come over to “look at our Christmas tree” (later we learned what the real reason  we decided to go ahead and tell them that night.  We also had made them onesie that said “My Aunt Rocks” and “If You Mess with Me You mess with My Uncle”.  They were over for a while before we handed them their presents.  They opened them and looked at each other confused like and then Erica said “Are You PREGNANT!?!”  We said yes!!!!  They seemed really shocked and handed us a card.  We didn’t think much of it but opened the card to discover THEY WERE PREGNANT TOO!!!      

To make a crazy story short.....they are 11 days behind us.  They told Mark and Kathy 3 days after we did.  Kathy had told us to tell them as soon as we told Blake and Erica and so she was confused when she opened Blake and Erica’s card thinking we had told them because it said Congratulation future grandma!  She didn’t say anything about us and figure out the THEY were pregnant too.  So for a few days Mark and Kathy knew that both their sons were going to be daddy’s and knew that neither one of them knew about the other.  It was really funny! It is neat how close in age these two will be.  I hope they are not only cousins, but friends as well!

So I am going to be a MOMMY.........and an AUNT!  Surprise!!!!!!


Monday, January 11, 2010


Brad and I wanted to come up with a fun way to surprise the grandparents so we made each one of them a onesie with a saying on it.  We really had it easy with the Christmas holiday.  Here is a quick recap of the fun weekend we had telling our parents!

December 17th

I was already over at Mark and Kathy's (planned) and Brad came by with the two wrapped gifts.  He had set them on the back porch earlier so when he and Mark came walking up they were already there. One said "To Kathy Open with Mark" and the other said "To Mark Open with Kathy".  Kathy made a remark about how this happened before and she wondered who they were from.  As they were opening them I think it was Mark who said “Underwear???”,  then he got it! and waited for Kathy to say something.  She looked at me and screamed "LLYYDDIIAA!!!!"  It was wonderful! 

The next day, December 18th, I had my first doctors appointment (more about that later) and Saturday, the 19th, we headed to Killeen, TX.  We originally had planned to spend that weekend having Christmas with my parents so it worked out perfectly to be able to tell them in person! 

December 19th

We arrived in Killeen around lunch time.  As soon as I walked into my parents house I knew we were going to have to tell them right away.  I think whatever they used to clean the house with was making me really sick feeling...haha (nothing like heighten senses when your preggo!!).  We had a gift box for them with the onesie in it, a kids book, and a teething toy.  We told them we got them something for Christmas to open now.  My mom started to open the box and as soon as she saw the onesie she screamed and threw the box to my dad.  He jumped up and was so scared....he kept saying” What, What????”  I ran over and pulled the onesie from the box and he just smiled the biggest smile!  He laughed and said “I am so nieve.....why else would Debby scream so loud!!!!” was wonderful!!!!

The GRANDPARENTS  look pretty happy to me....what do you think???  ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are going to be PARENTS!!!!!!

December 4th:

Brad was out of town with his dad, so I was home by myself. I knew “something” was missing the whole week ;) but I was so nervous to take a pregnancy test. I was scared to get my hopes up. By the 6th day, December 4th, I finally started to think WOW this really could be happening! I immediately thought of how I would tell Brad! I knew he would want to be surprised. The other day Brad and I had pulled out some photo albums from when we were dating. It was fun reminiscing and since I love scrapbooking I came up with the idea to make him a scrapbook. Now I still hadn’t taken a test at this point, but by the time the book was done I just had a feeling that it was true (plus I had a wave of nausea come over me that had me running to the bathroom...later I learned I was almost 5 weeks)! I knew I didn’t want to take the test until the day Brad would be home so I could tell him the same day. So the plan was to take the test in the morning, put a picture of the positive pregnancy test in the back of the book and give it to him that night when he returned home.

Around 10 am December 5th I couldn’t wait another minute. I was watching TV and another wave of nausea hit me. I needed food and needed it NOW!

I was shaking as I set the test aside and waited! I didn’t need to wait long before I saw the word I so longed to see..... PREGNANT! I sat on the bathroom floor crying...I sobbed. I remember saying a prayer to our Lord thanking Him for this gift and answering our prayers. Even though I was alone, I didn’t feel alone. I knew God was right there rejoicing with me. I sobbed some more.

Of course I wanted to call Brad right away, but didn’t want to tell him this kind of news over the phone. I distracted myself by finishing his book with the picture of the positive test. It was prefect! I keep reading his book over and over and every time I got the the last page I cried again!

Around 3 pm that day I got a phone call from Brad. They had to change plans and were headed to Austin. They might not be back until the next day, Sunday. NOOOOOOOOOOOO that was all I could my head of course, I didn't want to give him any hints. I told him that was ok, but I sure wished he was coming home today. He said he was sorry and maybe they would be in early Sunday morning. I went to bed that night and woke up with him by my side. He had made it home around 2 that morning....I never heard him.

I decided to wait until after church to tell him. Believe me this was not easy, but I wanted us to not feel rushed and by the time we both woke up we only had 45 minutes until it was time to leave. It was the longest church service ever, not literally, it just FELT that way. I even cried during services, just pure joy. Brad wrapped his arm around me thinking it was because of the sermon.....little did he know ;) Within a few minutes of arriving home and emptying my bladder for the 10th time that day. I had him sit down on the couch and I gave him his book.

He slowly read through each page. He was a little teary eyed and when he read the last page he looked at me and said “Are you Serious!!!” with tears rolling down his face. He hugged me and we both cried and cried. It was perfect!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One month ago God filled our hearts more than we could describe in words.  In an instant our hearts were overflowing with joy, excitement, anticipation, and lots of love

We learned we were going to have a baby!!!  
Some say a baby is a handful....I say a baby is a Heartful

Brad and I originally headed to the store to find a journal.  He, especially, wanted me to start writing down everything from day one.  Every time I craved an apple, felt sick, needed a nap, or went to the bathroom he would say "You should write that down".  He was so was cute.  Anyway, I changed my mind pretty quickly.  I just couldn't find a book that was "good enough" for this momentous documentation...ha. Everything was too plain, too girly, too boyish, didn't lay right etc. Plus, I despise my handwriting!  So since I love reading blogs, I have family and friends who would like to hear about all the little details, and I learned I could print this into a book for baby Walker someday I decided to start a blog :)  I will probably write this as if no one is reading it.  So it may be boring to you at times, but it is things I don't want to forget.  This really is just a way to document this journey and a gift for our sweet precious child on the way!

I have some catching up to do since I am already 10 weeks and 1 day...yea! Lots has happened over the last month.  So for the next few entries I may play catch up. Welcome!

You are a moment in my tummy.......forever in my heart!

Warning: I don't intend on this getting too personal,  hopefully I will not give you TMI...but you never know ;)  Also, I almost didn't pass my english/writing class in college (I did pretty well in everything else...haha) so BEWARE!  I tend to use a lot of () and ".....".  I figure I will write it like I would say it.