Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 Months!

Happy 2 Months Brynlee!!!

I saw this layout on another blog and decided to use it as well for here is month 2!

At your 2 month appointment you weighed 12lbs 1oz and 24 inches tall!
(a side note....Brooklyn was 11lbs and 22 3/4 inches tall) 

Clothing Size:
You are wearing 3 month onesies!  I have put you in a few 0-3 month dresses but even those seem too short...they almost look like shirts ha!  I can't beleive how quickly you are growing!!!

 About half way through the month we switched you to size 2 diapers!  

You are eating about every 3-3 1/2 hrs.  At night you usually wake up once but sometimes twice.  You usually have a late night feeing about 10 or 11 and then you might wake up at 2-3am then again maybe around 5-6am.

Your hair is still dark and it looks like you have about as much as you did when you were born.  Everyone comments on your dark hair!  Your eyes are still very dark...almost grey/blue.  

They are big and beautiful!!!!

You sleep very well during the day (mostly the morning half) and it is not too hard to get you down.  At night it is another story.  You start to fuss and we know you are tired!  We swaddle you and sometimes have to bounce you, or walk around, or go into our bathroom with the water running or fan to help you fall asleep.  Gone are the days when you would just fall asleep anywhere at anytime ha! You also like to be awake for a good while between 8-11pm!

Extra Stuff:
  • You slept in your crib for the first time early this month.  I did not want this AT ALL :((  I am so sensitive to all your little noises that I just can't sleep.....when mommy doesn't get sleep it is hard for me to function and take care of you sweet girls.  Daddy is now sleeping in your room b/c I just couldn't have you all by yourself.  When you wake up to eat he brings you to me.  I don't really like this set up but didn't know what else to do.  I wish I could just have you snuggled up right next to me all night :)
  • I had a doctors appointment and you got to meet Dr. Ball for the first time.  She was suppose to deliver you but was not working that day.  She was excited to see you and said you were just perfect!
  • You took your first ride in the double stroller with Brooklyn!  It was a great walk and you pretty much slept the whole time!
  • We took you to a restaurant for the first time also!  You slept for about 1/2 the time and then cried the other half...I think you wanted to eat what we were eating lol!
  • You are starting to hold your head up really strong girl!
  • You are such a good baby!!!!!! We got our first real smiles this past month.....ugh just melted my heart!  I LOVE IT!!!!  and I love being your mommy!  So proud of you sweet Brynlee!

Here are a few pics from the past month :)

Love your cute yawns!

Brooklyn : "OK I guess we can keep her!"

This pic cracks me up.....Daddy was bouncing Bryn while reading the newspaper. 
When I saw them I laughed cause it looks like Bryn is reading the other side of the paper lol!

Loving those baby rolls!

Already telling secrets ;)

Pretty girl!

Miss B is still so sweet to her sister and loves to cuddle with her Bryn!

Going on a walk :)

We caught a smile :)

Brooklyn always wants to take a picture 
with her sister after we take her monthly pic ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Park Day

Saturday we decided to spend our family day at the park!  It was a beautiful day!  Brooklyn enjoyed paddle boating with Daddy for the first time...she liked feeding the ducks and saw some baby ducklings too!  We had a nice picnic under some tree and ending the day taking a train ride all around the park. 

We made it to the park :)

 Paddle Boats

Picnic Lunch

Sweet Bryn enjoying the ride!

Train Ride

(Miss B really was having a good time...haha. 
She was pretty tired by the time we went on the train though.)

 What do you see Miss B?!

Brynlee slept the entire train ride on Daddy's lap....we couldn't get her in the picture :(

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"In the Beginning..."

This is Brooklyn's first memory verse :)  We have been working on it at home.  I think she learned it in about 2 days.  So proud of my sweet girl!  Love you Brooklyn!

Oh and of course she had to teach it to her sister..... (I caught her right in the middle as she was moving Brynlee's hands for the word "Created") Made us laugh when she was clapping her sisters hands for her bahaha!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommies Day!

I am so blessed that God allowed me to be their Mommy!
Love you girls!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms out there...especially my Mom and Kathy!

A little something waiting for me ;)

Taking pictures with Miss Brooklyn is getting fun....hehe ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinterest Day!

Well more like Pinterest morning but hey...

Since Brynlee's birth we have been at home a little more than we use to be and some days I feel like Brooklyn is going a little stir crazy....or maybe it is her momma ha!  Anyway, I LOVE Pinterest and  although I don't get on it very much these days, I did pin a lot before Brynlee was born.  I just wish I had more time to make projects for Brooklyn to do when we are at home for the day.  Lots of great ideas out there! 

Anyway I didn't see this exact project on Pinterest, but something like it I think.  I saw the finger paints in our drawer and I figured what better way to paint than in the tub where you can just turn on the water when you are done!!  Brooklyn loved it :)

My little artist!

"All done mommy!  What do you think?!"

All clean....that was fun!

This I know I repined from someone on Pinterest and had been meaning to try it for a while! I filled her tray with cracker, turkey, cheese, broccoli, strawberries, bananas, and red bell pepper (just to try something new and different...Brad and I love red bell peppers).

Here it is all ready to go!

 Hmmm...lets see what did she go for first??  Yep go figure...the crackers!

 Water Break

 What's next after the crackers??  Ahhh good girl....... going for the broccoli!! 
She loves broccoli!

 Well I think this was pretty much a success!  
She ate everything...except of course for the red bell peppers Ha!

I hope to write about more Pinterst Days that we have!  Like I said so many fun ideas....its just a matter of finding the time to put the ideas together and do them :)  Happy Pinning Everyone!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Sister Brooklyn

I was looking for a sweet sister quote, one that would make someone say "Awwwww", but instead I came across this one and just had to use it....hahaha!

I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.  
~Author unknown, attributed to a 4-year-old named Lauren

Well if you asked any of my family and friends about what I was most nervous about during my pregnancy it was how Brooklyn was going to adjust to her new baby sister!  I was pretty fact I probably cried about it a time or two lol!  It's just such a big change and I didn't know how much it would change up Brooklyn's routine, really just her life in general!  I didn't know if she would be jealous, resentful, act out, regress, withdraw, hate her momma!....I was just thinking about everything :(

Lots of prayers were said and Brad would always tell me (my raging hormonal self ha) that brining a new baby into her world was normal (meaning lots of people do it) and that it would probably be good for her.  Also, he would tell me that she would love it ;)  Then I would feel better...until my emotional self got the better of me and I would worry all over again HA!

Anyway, I know it will not always be perfect, and believe me we have had our days, but overall Brooklyn has done amazingly well and really made this transition such a blessing!  I am so grateful and so thankful for the sweet girl she is :)  UGH I really just can't get enough of her!

Here is just a quick letter to my precious Miss B.....

Dear Brooklyn,

Well you pretty much ROCK!

I just wanted to share with you how you have been with the arrival of your new sister.  You may not remember all of this, but maybe on the days when you want to pull your sisters hair out, you can read this and it will remind you just how much you LOVE her ;)

  • When you saw your sister for the first time you had THE BIGGEST SMILE on your face I have ever seen.  Your eyes were so big and you just wanted to hold her right away.  Oh it just melted our hearts.  We gave her to you and you just looked her over and were so careful.  Then you pointed over to your 'bunny' and you wanted us to get YOUR bunny to share with your sister.  You put it right up to her face so she could love on it just like you do :)
  • When we came home from the hospital you were in your playroom and we were calling for you but you didn't come right away.  We rounded the corner and set Brynlee down, who was in her car seat, and your eyes just lit up and you came running!  You could not get her out of that car seat fast enough and wanted to hold her again :)  You help daddy unbuckle her and we went straight over to the couch and you just held her and stare at her...I felt like you were looking at her like, "She is all mine ;)"
  • The next few mornings, after we came home, as soon as you woke up you were pointing to the door. You would go running out to look for Brynlee.  You just couldn't get enough of her. Eventually after about day 5 you didn't go running out the door anymore, but you still like to go find Brynlee and say hi to her in the morning :)
  • GENTLE! I know that is a word you are hearing a lot lately, but overall you do a great job being gentle to your sister.  You like to pat her back, like mommy does when I am burping her, but sometimes you pat her like you are trying to get a burp and all the contents of her stomach up!  Or you want to give her a hug but it is more like your mommy and daddy hug when you squeeze the life out of us (which we LOVE by the way). Or you might grab her arm or leg and pull depending on what you are trying to get her to do....yikes!  We practice on your baby doll which helps, but like I said you really just love on her for the most part :)
  • So there is this thing that I know other moms do to try to get their little one to sleep that I do for Brynlee (and I did for you too).  When she is really sleepy and just not shutting her eyes I rub my hand over her eyes, starting at her forehead and then down across her face, and she will close them and go to sleep.  The other day I saw you doing this to cracked me up!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE your unsolicited hugs and cuddles you give Brynlee.  It is so sweet when I turn around and you are snuggled up to her while she is in her bouncer or swing. Sometimes you will point to sleeping during church and you want to give her a cuddle...which we let you do :)
  • You are such a big helper!!  When she is crying you have brought me her paci.  The other day I was changing a big poopy diaper and when you saw it you brought me 3 bags of wipes!!  You are just a Little Mother!
  • You are learning to share and you like to share with your sister although we have to be careful right now.  You have tried to share your cherrios, your food pouches, raisins, water, toys, etc.... I could name more but you get the idea lol! 
  • You like to have Brynlee try things you you grab her hands and try to get her to clap when we are all clapping.  Or say your memory verse with the hand move her hands like you do. The other day you tried to give her a marker so she could color.  It was funny to see you try to put it into her hand by opening up her fingers...but you are also good about stopping when mommy tells you that Brynlee doesn't want to do that right now ;)
  • We ALWAYS give you a good night hug and kiss and when we first brought Brynlee home you would remind us by pointing to Brynlee that you wanted to hug and kiss her too.  Now we never forget but it was so sweet that you would reach for her and include her in your night time lovin' right from the start! :)
  • There are a few things mommy does not let you do for Brynlee, like give her a bath or change her diaper all by yourself, which you don't like one bit and have gotten pretty upset at times.  But you are only 21 months day you will understand ;)
  • Speaking of doing things yourself,  which you are really into now, when you want to hold her we go to help you and you push our arms (meaning let go so I can hold her all by myself).  We have let you do this a few times under our supervision and lots of pillows around ha!  You feel so proud!
  • You brush Brynlee's hair whenever you brush yours.
  • The other day you read Brynlee a story and daddy and I laughed so hard cause you stuck the book right in her face, and I mean RIGHT in her face, to show her the was so cute and funny :)
  • Whenever I see Brynlee smile (which isn't a whole lot yet) I tell you and you come running over to see!  It will be so fun when Brynlee starts to really interact with you...I'm super excited about that! I know you can't wait!
You just LOVE LOVE LOVE her so much! We tell you all the time, "Ohhh Brynlee loves Brooklyn!" and you just smile real big!  You both are such a blessing to us and we are SO PROUD of you! We pray that you will always be there for one another and always remember you are blessed to have each other :)