Monday, April 30, 2012

The Zoo

"Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow....."
This is one of the songs Miss B likes to listen to in the car,
 I start singing it every time I look at these pictures.Y
Yes, one of the "blessings" of being a parent is getting 
all your children's favorite songs suck in your head right?! ;)

My parents came back for another visit so we decided to head to the ZOO on Saturday!  I tried to dress the girls appropriately, Miss B in an elephant shirt (she wore an elephant shirt the first time we took her to the zoo) and Lil' B in a monkey onesie!  It was a lot of fun and the weather was PERFECT!  Not too hot and a little breeze.  Brynlee slept almost the entire time (we will have to take her back when she wakes up more ha) and Brooklyn's favorite thing was feeding the giraffes oh and the petting zoo. It was a fabulous day!  

I realized as I was picking out pictures to put on here that I was the picture taker that day, hence all the pictures of Brad with his girls....I might have been a tad jealous Ha!

All ready to go!

Headed to the elephants! 
Brooklyn makes the BEST elephant sound!

 Oh Yay one of ME...uh...I mean the family ;) 
Nice Hair Miss B!!

About to feed the giraffes!!!

She was not scared at all!

 OK Daddy I know you like smiling for the camera 
but PLEASE watch your daughter as she is feeding the giraffes....
her arm looks like it might be sucked in just like the letuce ;)

Brushing the goat!

 "Would you like some hay Mr. Goat?"

Here are 2 more pictures from the first time we took Brooklyn to the zoo.  She was 3 months old!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Brynlee is 1 MONTH!

Hard to believe you are a month old today! 

I don't have a whole lot to write since I have been writing weekly.  I plan to write monthly updates on Brynlee now with a picture of her next to her elephant :)  Stay tuned as you watch this little bundle of joy grow and grow!

PS:  I weighed you on my scale today and you are 10lbs!!!  Go Brynlee!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Brynlee Week 4

  • You are one super laid back little girl!  I remember Brooklyn being so active, just always moving, and unless you have gas pains you are just chilled! You slept the whole time during both morning and evening church services....people are anxious for you to wake up so they can see your eyes :)
  • I am not sure exactly how much you weigh but I think you are getting close to 10 lbs...I am going to weigh you next week on my scale on your 1 month birthday!
  • We have a bassinet that we have borrow from a friend that you sleep in.  For a while now you make a lot of noise for about an hour or so before you wake up.  You kinda make grunting and stretching noises about every 5 minutes.  I would always check on you to see if you were awake but your eyes are always shut.  Then one time I might look and you are awake!  Well this had made mommy very exhausted cause I keep checking on you. Daddy can sleep much better then mommy listening to all your little noises.  This week we moved your bassinet into the playroom and Daddy sleeps on the floor next to you.  When you actually wake up he brings you to me so I can feed you and then brings you back to the playroom.  This is actually working out very well.  I feel bad for you dad having to sleep on the floor but he can sleep anywhere!  We will probably move you to your crib here soon and have him sleep in your room...we just want to make sure this works for us and we aren't too loud for Brooklyn whose room is next to yours :)
  • I should have put this on last weeks but you are holding your head up really well.  It still wants to flop but you sure like to look around.
  • Sometimes when I try to burp you you push so hard with your legs like you are trying to stand up!  You are one strong girl!
  • You took your first bath in the whale tub!!  You love your baths and have not cried once :)
  • In the middle of this week you went 6 hrs at night between your feedings.  It was from 7:30 pm till 1:30 am!  We went to bed thinking you were going to wake up around 10:30 but you never did.  I woke up around 1 and ran into the playroom to make sure you were ok and you were just sound asleep.  I couldn't believe it!!
  • You took a bottle for the first time!  We decided to try it since we had a ton of milk pumped (I had 80 oz pumped by the time you were 3 weeks old...YES I am a cow HA!) and we were thinking about going out to dinner with some friend on Friday.  So we tried it Thursday and you took did great. We ended up going out Friday and we left you with Grammy and Brooklyn.  It was a quick dinner trip because I didn't want to leave you at all, but it was a nice little break after not having one for 4 weeks straight ;)  Oh how I missed you and Miss B though!
  • Today I decided to challenge myself and I took you and Brooklyn to Wally World by myself.  I put you in the Moby Wrap and Brooklyn in the cart and you both did AWESOME!!!  Gave mommy some much needed confidence that I can DO this :)
  • Brooklyn is mommy's little helper...she loves getting your paci, diapers, and just anything for me. Everyone asks how she is doing and I tell them she is like the "other" mother HA!
  • You are just growing and growing and we love you more than you will ever know my sweet Brynlee!  
  • In just a few short days you are going to be 1 month can slow down already *wink wink*

Enjoy the pics:

My little helper (supervised of course) :)

"Would you like a cupcake sissy?"

Bright Eyed

Yep this is pretty much how you are most of the time....our sleeping beauty :)

She is patiently waiting for the day you can play with her.....hehe!

Well someone has outgrown the playmat....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Brynlee Week 3


  • You are 3 weeks old and still doing great!  You are such an EASY baby :)  (I keep knocking on wood when I tell people that)
  • This week was lots of fun because you got to meet some very special people!  Your Auntie Andi came from Colorado!  She made you a quilt!!!  It is beautiful and matches your room!!!  You also met Uncle Adam and you initiated him into the "baby club" my spitting up all over him hehe! Nana and B-Pa came back for a visit too!
  • Your Umbilical Cord fell off after 20 days.  We were very ready for it to come off!! Brooklyn's only took 9 days so it felt like we were cleaning it for forever!  And we couldn't wait to give you a bath in the whale tub instead of just sponge baths ha!
  • I took you and Brooklyn to Story Time at the Library.  Aunti Andi was there to help...this was your very first time.  Brooklyn sang all the song to you (but you were asleep).  Everyone at story time was excited to meet you.  One of our friends, Arismel and her daughter Isabel, gave you a blanket :)
  • We pretty much have decided you are no longer in newborn clothes!  You are growing so fast and your newborn clothes are getting very snug.  
  • You are now in size 1 diapers :)
  • Your first piece of mail came this week....your social security card.
  • Your eyes are blue but still pretty dark.  Your skin is still pretty dark too.  I'm wondering if it is going to stay that way or if Brooklyn and I are going to be jealous of your tan ha!
  • Your Big Sister Brooklyn can't get enough of you!  She bends over to give you kisses all the time and cuddles her head to yours....we are so proud of our two girls!

Here are a few pics from the week:

Brooklyn playing "Horsey" with Aunti Andi

 Brooklyn coloring with Nana

Brooklyn flying a kite with Adam

Your first piece of mail ;)

 One Proud SISTER :)
(This is what Brooklyn does when we tell her to say "Cheese!" HA)

 Uncle Adam....someone has to get messy ;)

 Aunti Andi loves you sooooo much!

 Beautiful Girl!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Walkers!!

 Me and My Girls!

Family of Four :)

 I love how Brooklyn held Brynlee's Hand :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Brynlee Week 2

  • You had another fabulous week!
  • You are so content!  You are still a "Sleeping Beauty" ;)
  • We took you to your 2 week check up and you had gained a whole pound!  You are now 8lbs 12 oz!! You are also 22 inches long!
  • You are having some difficulty latching, which causes you take in air, so you have been a little fussy due to gas.  It hurts mommy to see you in pain, but eventually you get it out and then you are back to sleep.
  • Daddy had to go back to work this week so Grammy was here helping mommy and playing with her Grandbabies ;) I was feeling a little better this week so I was able to get out of bed some and spend some more time with my two sweet girls!  This made me sooooo happy :)
  • You are waking up about 3 times in the night.  You eat about every 2-3 hrs.  You are growing growing growing :)  At night daddy always gets you and changes your diaper and then gives you to me so I can feed you and burp you.  You have an AMAZING daddy!!!  He loves you so very much and is such a help to mommy!
  • We took your newborn pictures this week....I CANNOT wait to see them!  You are such a cutie and did beautiful during your photo shoot ;)  We also took some of our new family of 4 and a few with just you and Brooklyn :)
  • Easter is coming up on Suday. Brooklyn went to an Easter party, Grammy took her while I stayed home with you, and when she came home she wanted to tell you all about it and let you play with some of her Easter toys....See picture below ;))

Can't get enough of these smiles :)

Pretty in Purple

Easter Accessorizing ;)

Umm....Checking on her Sister!!
(yeah I kinda put a stop to her climbing on the bassinet pretty quick ha)

Brooklyn is taking her role as BIG SISTER very seriously!  
First up: teaching Brynlee all of her favorite songs :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Due Date

Today was my official due date.....
glad this CUTIE decided to come early!!!

Fun Facts:
  • My water broke for both Brooklyn and Brynlee at 38 weeks...pretty sure I can predict what might happen if we have a third ha!
  • We were married 6-26, Brooklyn was born 7-27, and Brynlee was born 3-23 :)
The night before Brynlee was born Brad and I talked about how cool it would be if she was born the next day because of the date haha..... little did we know that she would be!!