Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Months!

Happy 3 Months Brynlee!!

You are now 14lbs!!!  No problem gaining weight here ;)  

Clothing Size:
You are still wearing 3 month onesies....but filling those out nicely ;)  You are wearing 3-6 month dresses!

Still in size 2 :) 

You are eating about every 3-3 1/2 hrs. But by the afternoon you start to eat sometimes as much as every 2 hours.  I think you are filling up for the night SINCE you are now sleeping ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! You usually got to bed around 9 and sleep till 5-6....I can't believe it!  Anyway so the nursing every 2 hrs is no problem here since you sleep so good for mommy at night lol! 

Your hair is still dark but I can tell it is growing... :) Your eyes seem to change daily!  We took a good look at Brad's eyes yesterday and we think you will have his eye color...they seem to change too! They are like a mixture of green and brown.  Your eyes still sometimes look a little grey/blue, but then I think green ha!

You are sleeping sooooooo good!  At the beginning of this month you slept from 8pm -7am!!!  Typically you go to bed between 8-9pm and wake up between 6-7am!  IT IS AWESOME!!  We only swaddle your legs and you sleep on your back.  Naps are still kinda all over the place and I am ready for naps to get established a little better but I know that still might be another month or so. You sleep on your back no problem.

Extra Stuff:

  • You LOVE your swing! You get all happy when you start to see the mobile go in circles and light up!  She smile real big and straighten out your legs...its so cute!
  • We have caught you sucking your thumb a few times...just like big sis ;)
  • You take the paci ok...a little better than big sis ever did but not sure if it's a keeper yet.
  • At the beginning of this month you started trying really hard to roll over! You would get stuck on your arm and that would make you mad and I would have to come and help you out.  BUT by the middle of the month you ROLLED all the way over from back to your tummy!  You were so proud :)
  • I can't get enough of your smile!  Especially in the mornings when I get you you just give me the biggest smile and it makes me feel soooooo good!  
  • You are starting to get very vocal!  You just coo and coo at us....we love it!  
  • Brooklyn loves to find your in the morning (sometimes you are in your crib and sometimes you are in mommy's bed).  She still can't get enough of you!
  • Your little yawns are so precious!  
Holding that head up so good!

All ready for church

She loves her playmat....especially the sun :)

Nothing like two crazy girls to keep Brynlee entertained!

Meeting new friends!

Sister L-O-V-E

(I love how B holds her sisters hand in the stroller)

Got that thumb ;)

Sweet Brynlee!

    Monday, June 4, 2012


    Bryce came for a play-date!!  Since they have moved to Magnolia (back in March) we don't get to see them as much and I know Miss B misses her best friend :(  BUT they have so much fun when he comes and just pick up right where they left off ;)  Cousins are the best!'s June!
    Time to bust out the pool!
    Hadn't even bought swimsuits yet ;0
    Oh what fun they had :)

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    A Smile

    Brooklyn requested that her little sister sit by her so they could watch
     Mickey Mouse together this morning!

    Not sure if Lil' B is smiling cause she loves Mickey Mouse 
    or because Big Sis is holding her hand ;)