Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


Here is our little CANDY CORN :)
She looks so yummy I just want to eat her up! HAHA!

"Got Candy?"

"Where did Daddy go?"

She found her sign :)

"Yay!  A pumpkin just my size!"

"Anybody home?!"

Happy Halloween from the Walkers!!

The End ;)

*Thank you to Grammy for helping to make Brooklyn's Candy Corn Dress.  I ordered the bow and leggings online and had her bloomers made by a very talented friend :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Hair Cut

Well 14 months later and it is NOW time for Miss B to get her first haircut haha! little baldy was getting kinda scraggily in the back.  I had appointment to get my hair done so I decided to go ahead and bring B to get a little trim. My hairdresser Carol, who is also one of my good friends and goes to church with us, has been cutting my hair since I got was only appropriate that she cut little B's hair :) Brooklyn was interested at first but good thing it didn't take long.  She kept wondering what was going on back there ha!  She cut nothing off the top (for obvious reasons) but just took a few snips off the back.  Carols said we needed to let the top catch up to the back lol!  Of course I saved her hair...I'm sure Brooklyn will be sooooo glad that I did one day *wink wink*!  

All Trimmed :) 
Awwww she looks older to me :(  But ohh so CUTE!

Monday, October 17, 2011

August and September

August, September and Miss B!!!

Here is a quick recap of pictures and videos from August and September!  Just a few things I don't want to forget!  It has been a rough 2 months with morning sickness so I really fell behind in my blogging and tracking moments in her life :(  It was a busy but fun two months...

Brooklyn's first time to Bible class was during our VBS!  She did OK...made it through a few days, and didn't make it through other days lol!

Here she is already putting the toys in her mouth ;-p

It was Bryce's first time too!!

The week of VBS we had some dear friends come stay with us!  Jamie and her two kiddos, Jailyn and Liam, were so much fun to have around and Brooklyn LOVED them to pieces!
Caught this cute moment on camera :)

Only got one smiling...oh well they are still cute as can be!
(Miss Jamie bought Brooklyn a dress that matched Jailyn's...too sweet!)

My Happy Girl!

In the middle of August the Walker family took a vacation to Lake Travis!  This picture was taken right after Miss B "told them" our exciting news!  We were about to head out.  It was a very nice and relaxing trip :)  Check out that POOL!

All ready for a that not the cutest bum ever!!

Enjoying the pool!

Bryce turned 1 on August 25!!!! 
He had a cowboy themed birthday party so it was only appropriate the B dressed accordingly ;)

She just needed some cowgirl boots Ha!

So I think after Brooklyn's birthday party she figured out what that whole "present" thing was about!  Notice who is front and center as Erica opens Bryce's gifts...HAHA!  I don't even know where Bryce was...but Miss B sure didn't mind unwrapping his gifts :-p!

 Bryce LOVES to get Brooklyn's bows...this picture is so crazy to me b/c you can see how much taller Bryce is compared to Brooklyn HA!

We LOVE you!!

By September Brooklyn was LOVING Bible Class!  Grammy was (and still is) her teaching on Sundays (which I know helped her get adjusted *wink*) and some VERY sweet ladies teach her on Wednesday night! As we get closer to the door to her classroom she is practically jumping out of our arms to get in there...she can't wait!!

All ready for Bible Class :)

Just some pictures playing around the house...I love her silly faces!

Brooklyn LOVES and I mean LOVES riding around on the golf cart...especially with daddy when he come home from work!  He takes her to see the horses down the street which she is fascinated with also!  I love this picture!!  
Oh and this was the first time that we put her sunglasses on and she actually KEPT them on!  It was like she all of a sudden realized how "COOL" she was wearing them lol!

This video was after their showcases her wearing her shades ;)

My little baby is growing up...I snapped this picture when I saw her doing this!  She can finally see out the door :)

I need to get this girl in a tumbling class...HA!  

Love her!

I can not keep this girl out of drawers!  HA!  Actually I could I just picked a few drawers that I don't mind her exploring through.  This drawer has all her cups and lids and of course she likes pulling everything out but it is a nice distraction for her when I am doing the dishes or cooking dinner ;)

We have been working on teaching her to sign "Please" and not whining when she wants something.  Of course we are trying to get her to say it as well :) It is hard in the car b/c we can't see her only hear her and we don't quit understand her jib jabbering yet.  One day I caught her "asking" for another snack.  This is what she does cracks us up!

Thanks for sticking with me on this LONG recap!!!! August and September were hot but beautiful months...spent a lot of time outside enjoying God' beauty and soaking up time with my little girl :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blackberries :)

These pictures were taken back in the end of September! Just had to share some pictures of my cutie....

 It was such a nice day Brooklyn and I decided to head outside and I brought us a little snack....little did i know it would turn into a photo shoot LOL!  She loved her some blackberries that day...HA!


They might have been a little sour ;)

One Happy GIRL :)

In this picture Brooklyn spotted an airplane....She LOVES airplanes and every time she hears one she looks up and waves her hand around and makes an airplane noise.  LOVE IT!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Picture :)

Playing Catch Up:

On August 25th we headed to the doctors office super excited to see our newest addition for the first time!  I was super nervous and just wanted to get that first peek and make sure everything was good and we confirm that we DID have a little baby inside there (even though I felt sick it is sometimes just so hard to believe that you are pregnant until you see the little peanut lol) :) As the nurse, Gloria,  called us back she saw Brad and I am with a BIG smile said, "YOUR BACK!"  HAHA!  It was sooo great to see Dr. Ball again and she was super excited for us!  She just asked me a few questions and then immediately pulled out the ultra sound machine and we got to see our precious little baby for the first time!!!!!  It was amazing....our little peanut was just squirming all around and we could hear the heartbeat loud and clear :)  The heart rate was 160 bpm! Music to our ears!  Dr. Ball said everything looked great and to come back in a month :)

So there is this new thing where they can take women's blood work when they are 12 weeks (at the time they do screening for any abnormalities) and an automative phone service will call you and tell you the gender in a few days!  Some of my friends did this and we were contemplating looking into it...wouldn't that be cool to know 8 weeks earlier...WOW I could get a lot done in that time ha!  We called to see how much it would cost but our insurance would not cover it and it was going to be like $600 so we decided just to wait.  As much as I wanted to know I knew it would be fun to find out in the ultra sound room!!!  So we are patiently going to wait!

Next BIG question everyone asks us.... Do you want a boy or girl?!?  Well I always thought that whatever I had first I would want the opposite the second time, but I am feeling good either way!  I think it would be neat to experience a boy BUT I think it would be so awesome for B to have a sister (especially one so close in age).  Hmmmm so I am really excited either way!  Brad said he is excited either way too!  I know he would love a boy BUT he loves his little girl and would be so happy with another one...there is just a special bond between daddies and their girls!!!  Ahhhh I just can't wait to find out!!!

Well without further ado.......

Here is the first picture of Baby Walker #2!!!

Music to our Ears!

Here we are about to leave to head to the doctors!

It was such an awesome day!  We are so in love with out new baby on the words to describe it really!  Very thankful that all looked well and there was such a strong heartbeat :) We just can't wait to meet this precious soul!  Love you Baby W :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 Months and BIG News!!

Wow!  2 months!!!  YES 2 whole months have gone by.  I had no intention of Brooklyn turning one and not blogging anymore about her life haha......we have had "something" come up but I want Brooklyn to make the BIG announcement so I will turn the blog over to her......

Hi I am Brooklyn! I am 1 now and have blue eyes and like to play with my baby doll and....oh wait that is not what I am suppose to be talking about...I get sidetracked so easily!....OK so Mommy asked me to share our exciting news with everyone.  Well the other day, July 30th to be exact, yes that would be 3 days after I turned ONE....wasn't that just the best party ever I loved this new playhouse I got and the cake...opps sorry I am getting sidetracked again.... so mommy and daddy told me that I had been promoted! I didn't really know what that meant but then they gave me this cute outfit...I just LOVE cute things and mommy gives my the cutest bows to go with my cute outfit my favorite outfit is...ugh here I go again....OK never mind all that...well here is me in all my cuteness showing off my BIG promotion!!! 

Yep!  That's right!  I am going to be a BIG sister!!!  I am super excited and so are mommy and daddy!  At first I didn't know what a BIG SISTER was and I was kinda nervous about the whole thing and thought maybe I don't want to be a big sister, but mommy and daddy told me ALL about it and I think I just may like this ;)  (Actually they haven't told me this but I don't think I really have a choice by the way they are talking about this new baby thing...but that's ok!)  So anyway I can't wait to meet my new brother or sister!  I think we will have so much fun playing and I can teach him or her all the new things that I have learned! I am also going to help mommy out when I can ;) I asked mommy when my new buddy will get here but she said it will be a little while still so I am just waiting patiently (I am trying to learn patients right now....boy is it hard!).  Did I tell you that I learned how to throw my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket and I started to go to Bible class and we sing and I am really good at spotting airplanes in the sky and....oh wait.... here I go again.   Oh I guess I better go......I think I need to go help mommy get her exercise (aka: pushing me in my wagon!)  See ya later alligator....oh and ......I LOVE You!
Brooklyn :)

Thanks sweet B!  Well I have been feeling pretty not so great these past few months which is why my blogging has been lacking so I hope to get back on track!  Stay tuned for updates on our newest addition, more on Miss B....and of course some pictures!  Guess it's time to come up with a new Blog Name or just add an "S" to My Heartfull!  We are so excited and feel so blessed to be adding to our family! God is so good!