Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Months!

Happy 4 Months Brynlee!!

We took you to your 4 month appointment about 2 weeks after you turned 4 months and you weighed 15 lbs 5 oz!!!  So Im thinking you were about 15 lbs at 4 months :)  You are 25" long!!! 

Clothing Size:
You are in 3-6 month onesies and outfits...time to pack up your 3 month clothes *tear*

Still in size 2 :) 

You are eating about every 3-3 1/2 hrs.  

You hair is still dark!
Your eyes are like a mixture!!  It cracks us up because we really don't know what to tell people when they ask us what color your eyes are.  Grey, green, and brown all mixed together!  I guess thats what people call Hazel! They are big and BEAUTIFUL!!!  I love that my girls have different colored eyes :) 

You are still sleeping great!!  You still typically you go to bed between 8-9pm and wake up between 6-7am!  IT IS AWESOME!!  We only swaddle your legs and you sleep on your back. You take about 45 minutes naps and lets just say there are quite a few of them a day.  You only last about 2 hrs before you are ready to go down again.  I think you get most of your sleep out at night!

Extra Stuff:

  • You sat in your Bumbo for the first time!  I think you like it b/c you can see everything so well.  I don't keep you in there for very long cause you are a squirmer.
  • You love chewing on your 1st finger and thumb.
  • Your legs are so like to stand up (with our help of course!)
  • You took your first trip to the beach (which also happened to be Brooklyn's first trip too).  Lets just say you were not a fan of the sand blowing in your face (who would be) and we had to keep cleaning you off but other than that it was so fun and you did well!
  • You are DROOLING like crazy...Brooklyn always lets me know that you have stuff coming out of your mouth.  Miss B is my little cleaner as I'm sure you will find out and she always says, "Uh Oh!" She says that when you spit up too ;)
  • You rolled the other direction this month....from stomach to back!!  Yay!!  
  • We took another trip this month to visit Nana and B-Pa!  It was the first time you have been to their house!  Another great trip!  You slept most of the way in the car but we did stop some to let you get out of your seat.  It is a 4 hr drive but on the way there you slept most of the time b/c we left after your bedtime!
  • You are sooooo smiley!!  We pretty much will get a smile back if we smile at sweet!

  • Look at those strong legs!

    I think she looks soooo much like Brad in this picture!

    Rolling over!

    I'm having issues with my computer and pictures....I need to take it in to get in fixed :(((  So this is why I only have 3 pictures of my precious Bryn for this month.  At least I have a few ;)