Monday, March 28, 2011

8 months!

Happy 8 Months Sugar Plum!

Here is what you have been up to this past month:
  • You weigh 17 lbs 3 oz.
  • You are wearing 6-9 month clothes
  • You are in a size 3 diaper
  • You got your 5th and 6th tooth this month.
  • When you started crawling you were a little hesitant to crawl on the wood floor. You would crawl all over the carpet or rug but would stop and turn around when you got to the wood. Sometimes you would try to bear crawl on the wood or scoot on one knee and the other foot, it was too cute! Well this month you figured out the wood floor was not too bad and now you crawl everywhere!!!
  • You love to play chase. It is so cute to see that you have figured out this game! She sit there and we say, "I'm gonna get you" in our silly kids voice and you get a big smile, giggle, and take out until we catch you! I could play this with you all day :)
  • You love to come sit in my lap to play. You will grab a toy and then crawl over and turn around and sit in my lap and just play. I LOVE it ;)
  • You LOVE ribbon and string...I have probably written about this before but it is an obsession ha! I even bring some ribbon to church, I know people are wondering why I give you ribbon but it really keeps you occupied. I just tell people it's never too early to teach you to floss ;
  • You got sick this month for the first time. You have had a runny nose from teething, but this was your first real temperature :( I'd say we did pretty good making it all the way to 8 months without you getting sick! It was on a Sunday and you woke up with a temperature of 102! Besides the temperature we knew you weren't feeling good b/c you would rest your head on our shoulder and just lay there (You NEVER do busy to cuddle most of the time). We felt so bad for you and just cuddled with you all day. The next day your fever was down and by the third day you seemed to be much better!
  • You are curious about everything! When we are holding you and you see something you LEAN over or stretch to see what you's adorable, especially when you see one of us :)
  • I love watching you play. In the morning you sometimes play by yourself and you concentrate so much. We have all your toys on these bookcases and you love pulling all your books down on the shelf, digging through your canvas toy box, and when you find something you want to play with you just play. You love standing up and playing with your toy table top. You are really good at putting down the pop up animals (at first you would get your little fingers as you tried to push it down, but you learned quickly and now you do it really fast). I want to blog about your favorite toys :)
  • Your hair is really growing....still looks brown!
  • You still don't seems to mind all the hugs and kisses I give you throughout the day...kinda ;) Sometimes you fuss when daddy gives you kisses...I keep telling him it's his facial hair HAHA!! We love you so much Brooklyn!!!!
Playing with Daddy :)

Our big blue eyed girl!
Showing off her pearly whites :)
Daddy came up with a new game...I laugh every time I watch this b/c Brooklyn looks so dizzy at the end, but ready for more!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smart Girl!

Look closely and you will see what Brooklyn stashed away....maybe for a snake later :)
When you don't have pockets you improvise right??!!...Smart Girl :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Riding in my Little Red Wagon

We have been having some beautiful weather lately so it was time to bust out B's little red wagon she got from Mimi for Christmas :) Lets just say she LOVED it! Looks like we will be taking lots of wagon rides in the near future :)

"I'm all ready......what are you guys waiting for?!"

"This is FUN!"

Gotta bring some chew toys along....this girl is always teething!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking Pictures

So picture taking has become a little more difficult say the least! HA! Now that my little button can crawl there is NO sitting still for a picture these days! I will put her down and she immediately starts coming towards the camera.

I don't have much luck either with her weekly picture. The other day I decided to settle for a "screaming" weekly picture. She just wants to flip all around or grab the sign and it makes her upset the more I try to pose her or not let her touch things! I finally gave up on trying to get her to be happy this week, and I also thought that I will probably look back at this picture and laugh (I kinda already do..hehe).

Here she goes.....

I think this was the 10th time I tried to flip her back over.

The final shot!
Oh's really not the bad...hehe!

Another challenge is the monthly picture. I use to put the sign right in front of her but she would always grab it; I now tape the sign to her bed...BUT she knows it's back there ;)

This picture cracks me up...she wants to look back there sooooo bad :p

She gave in....hehe :)

Her "I'm so sweet" pose :)

I definitely don't feel like I am taking as many pictures as I did when she was younger :( Her moving around has not helped but I do take a lot of video!!! She is our precious little mover!!!