Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mama Always Told Me.....

...To Eat My Fruits and Veggies!

I am trying hard to get my fruits and veggies in for our little one :)  Brad and I have a juicer......he LOVES it and has been making all kinds of yummy juices.  My favorite is a mixture of apples, oranges, carrots, and a lemon.  I also like oranges, strawberries and pineapple! Sometimes we put celery in it, but celery has a very strong flavor so you really have to be in the mood.

Here is the big bowl of fruit all ready to juice.   NOTE: we usually don't need this much fruit, but we had company over and also we were trying to use up the fruit before it went bad b/c we we're leaving for the weekend.  This made a whole pitcher!  Oh and we usually don't cut up the apples and oranges this much, they go in whole, we just have to peel the oranges. Brad always puts the carrots in like makes me laugh.

Brad Juicing Away

The finished product...Baby Loved it!  YUM :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Are You Expecting ??!!

I had a first yesterday..... :-)

We have been having a gospel meeting at church this week and yesterday I was wearing a baggy shirt that just kinda hung there.  It was not a maternity shirt just one that I already had.  A women came up to me that we had not see in a while and didn't know our news.  She saw me and asked if we were expecting!?!?  All week I had pretty much worn shirts that made it as obvious as possible but I am kinda in that stage where if they don't know for sure...they don't ask.  I am reminded of the comedian Brian Regan and his skit on asking a women if she is expecting and then realizing before all the words come out that MAYBE she isn't....haha!  Anyway, I say all this because it was the first time someone just came right out and asked that didn't know before, and I wasn't even wearing a shirt that made it as obvious (hehe) as I could make it.  FUN FUN!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Enjoying the Moment

Time is flying by!!  Brad and I were talking the other day about how fast this is going!  

I can’t believe I am already in my 4th month.   I just can’t wait for Baby Walker to get here, but I also don’t want to rush being pregnant and enjoying all the wonderful moments it brings!! I love being pregnant!  Even when I am tired, sick, or getting a little rounder in other places than my belly (ha) I am just so thankful!!!  I know I may have rough days ahead but it will be worth it!!  I am trying hard to cherish this time because I know it will not be forever.  I am already experiencing what so many moms are telling me about having children....."It just goes by so fast!"  

"Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish every moment..."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Belly Picture :)

Here it is...

I wish I had taken pics in the same shirt, facing the same way, but I didn’t.  We have just been grabbing the camera when we can.  I am amazed I am already this big (at least I feel that way ha).  

I started showing pretty early, although around week 13/14 it became very obvious.  I was worried at first thinking Baby Walker is going to be huge (yikes), but the doc reassured me that everything was OK.......I am short and there is just nowhere for the baby to go but out...ha! 

15 Weeks....and growing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

College ??

Today we got something in the mail from our financial guy....... made us laugh! 

........and reminded us that college tuition is not that far away ;-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Trip to the Grocery Store

A quick story I don't want to forget.....

This happened during my first trimester.  Actually, it was really my first trip to the grocery store after I found out we were pregnant and Brad didn’t have to go for me.  I was just going to grab a few thing!  Well I would walk down one aisle frantically looking for a particular item I was craving.  I would find it, put it in my cart and proceed to the next aisle.  By the time I made it to the next aisle I would look in my cart and no longer want the item I had just put in I would put it back.  I just couldn’t make up my mind!!!  This was the extent of the entire shopping trip.  I would want something and then not or just stare at the food and hope I would want it....ha!  At one point I think I laughed out loud at myself, because I made someone turn their head and look....hehe!  A 30 minute shopping trip ended up taking 2 hours and I hardly came home with anything.  Oh was definitely a trip to remember ;) Later, Brad said I should have just bought everything because I would probably crave/want it eventually.  I think he just said that because he knew HE would be running out to get all those items I put back............eventually ;)! 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Letter To Baby....

Your Daddy

I have been thinking a lot lately about this experience I get to share with you. I feel God has given me (well....all women) a very special gift of bearing children.  I am blessed to have you grow inside me, feel you for the first time, and experience what it is like to bring you into the world.  I am excited beyond words and promise you I am cherishing every moment.  One thing that has been on my mind today is your daddy. Although he may not get to know what this part of becoming a parent is like, he too is already cherishing every moment he can with you and enjoying his own unique experiences.  I know you don’t know us yet personally, but there are a few things I would like to share with you about your daddy.  I feel maybe by telling you this is my mind you can sense how much love I have for him and how much love he has for you...

  • He LOVES talking to you.  He tells you how much he loves you all the time!  He likes to put his head right up to my belly (sometimes even lifting my shirt.....just to make sure you can hear him) and talks and talks. He tells you how he can’t wait to meet you, find out if you are a boy or girl, bring you home.....and of course show you around the farm ;)  

  • He loves to bend down on his knees when I am standing to give you a hug.  He hugs you Lots!  

  • As my belly grows he just looks at you and beams.....he say to me “Our BABY is in there!”...and then gives you another hug and a kiss :)

  • You are constantly on his mind.  He prays for you everyday!  He prays for your health, your happiness, that you will know God, and that we will be good parents. He thanks God for you too!

Your Daddy:

Loves God.   

Is patient....very patient.  

Is positive! His cup is always half full....well usually all the way full! 

Is an encourager.

Is a helper. 

Is a very hard worker.

Puts others before himself.

Is content...he hardly ever complains.

Is a friend.

Is humble.

Most people don’t know this but he is pretty funny (mostly just around me)....I’m sure you will find this out though ;)

.....and I have to add that he has been taking such good care of me:  making food runs, cleaning the house, making sure I am comfortable, and constantly telling me how pretty I am as the scale goes up...hehe  (he even lets me sleep on "his" side of the bed so I am closer to the bathroom...haha)! 

I LOVE this man and I can’t wait for you to meet him!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Happenings

I could hardly believe it when I saw January 1st on the calender.  It was now the YEAR we would get to meet our little peanut!!!   Here are a fews things from January I had jotted down. Hopefully I am about caught up so I may not end up with a February recap...well see ;) 


  • Before I was pregnant I hardly ever ate red meat of any kind!  Chicken and turkey were my thing.  I would much rather have a grilled chicken sandwich then a steak any day!  Brad has always said he just can’t figure me! January I have eaten more burgers than I have in the last few years.  YUM!!  I just can’t get enough :)  
  • I was only sick about 1 day out of the week (near the end of the month) so things are improving as I near my 2nd trimester.

Precious Moments

  • Hearing our baby’s heartbeat :’) 
  • My growing belly....yes already! Pictures to come soon :)
  • My Aunts (Kathy’s sisters) gave me a Willow Tree.  I love it!!! I get teary eyed every time I look at it. So Sweet!

  • I love children's books! So I went to Target the other day and decided to buy a book to give to Baby Walker.  I saw this book and only got through the first few pages before I was bawling and had to stop before I embarrassed myself in front of all of Target.  The inside flap reads..... “A mother’s love leads to a mother’s dream---every mother’s dream---for her child to live life to its fullest.”......I bought the book.

Fun Stuff

  • We finally picked up a BABY NAME BOOK.  It is a little daunting....lots to chose from!  Let the fun begin :)
  • A friend from church gave me some maternity clothes......yea!  I feel like I am in that "in between stage" where my clothes are getting tight, but the maternity clothes are still too big.  I think by February it will be another story ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Every good and perfect gift is from above...."
James 1:17

Today is mommy's birthday and 
are the best gift I could have ever asked for!

Monday, February 1, 2010


January 19th we had our second appointment!  We were so excited because we were hopefully going to HEAR the heartbeat for the first time!  At our first appointment we saw it on the ultra sound  (just a little flashing light looking thing), but of course it was too early to hear. When we got there she tried for a little while and couldn't find it...she kept saying "maybe next time.".......WHAT!!!!!....I kept thinking, please keep trying, please keep trying.  She did and finally we heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard!!!!

Brad and I just stared at each other in amazement.  She said it was 170 bpm!!!!  I asked her if that was too fast since our first appointment it was 150 bpm.  She laughed and said it was worries :)  Brad asked if that meant in was a GIRL.  He had talked to one of his buddies who said a fast heartbeat meant it was a girl.  Again the doctor laughed and said that was just a myth!  Well see.....and not too much longer.  She said we would find out what Baby Walker is in MARCH!!!!!!!  Yea!  Until then we will keep playing this video over and over with a SMILE on our face!  This little blessing growing inside me is an amazing thing to HEAR!