Monday, December 27, 2010

5 months

Happy 5 Months Sweet Pea!

(We had to put the sign behind you this month because you kept grabbing it haha!)

This is what you are up to these days:
  • You weigh 15lbs 10 oz and are about 25 inches long
  • Still in a size 2 diaper but I think that is about to change!
  • You still wear 3-6 month size clothes
  • Your hair is growing....not many people can notice but momma sure can!
  • I think you went through a grwoth were waking up in the middle of the night sometime more than once, and you would not go back to sleep unless you had a snack/meal!
  • You love when we sing to you! You have favorites but only if a certain person is signing it to you. You love it when daddy sings "Patty Cake" and you love it when I sing, "This Little Light of Mine". You just smile and laugh :)
  • You love being at home! I say that because you just seems happier and more content. We get out some, but for the most part we stay home and you just eat, play, and sleep!
  • When I do take you out people always come up and say hi to you and sometimes you give them your best smile ever :) They always talk about how pretty you are and of course comment on your big blue eyes!
  • You started reaching a ton this month. Hence the reason we had to move the sign! Our favorite?!?....when you reach for us :)
  • No teeth yet, but you sure are drooling a TON and still want everything in your mouth...I don't think it will be long!
  • We just got you a jumparoo and you are getting the hang of it. You last about 10 minutes and then you want out...HA!
  • You sleep on your tummy now and have started to sleep with your little booty up in the is the cutest this EVER!!!
  • You LOVE when daddy does his version of airplane with you :)
  • You have not used a paci or your thumb all month. I guess we won't have to deal with the battle of taking either away :)
  • You are such a squirmy thing! We have yet to sit through a whole church service Sunday or Wednesday. After church we feel like we just had a workout! We usually end up in the back standing or in the nursery. One of these days when you are older we are gonna have to work on this ;)
  • When you wake up in the morning you just give me or daddy the biggest smile ever! It the best start to our day! Oh I just love you to pieces!!!!!
Brooklyn loved Bryce's X-mas present before we gave it to him!

This sure is a good book!

She fell asleep on her hand and it left imprints HA!

Here are a few more pics of my happy girl.....

The first video is of her "chewing" and the second is her chillin on her side :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas!!

Let the fun begin! Here is a quick recap of the last week!

A few weeks ago we had a fun photo shoot with Brooklyn. Grammy and Poppa came over to take our family picture and Brad took some of Brooklyn later. These are some of my favorites!

"My VERY OWN Stocking!"

"No more pictures please!"

Christmas with Mee Mee
A week ago we headed to our Uncle and Aunt's house to have Christmas with Mee Mee and all the grands and greats. It was fun to get all the baby cousins together again!

Mee Mee gave Bryce and Brooklyn each a Red Wagon!


The best shot of the 4 cousins :)
(Thank you Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Randy for the matching PJ's)

Christmas at Poppa and Grammy's
Last night we had Christmas over at Poppa and Grammy's. Brooklyn loved her stocking and gifts! She enjoyed unwarpping her gifts but really just wanted to eat the paper!!

Great picture I think..... :)
it tickles me that the two kiddos are looking at each other HA!

Grammy helping Bryce with his new toy for us!

Brooklyn just wanted to put EVERYTHING in her mouth as you can see!

Christmas at Our House
Earlier this week my family (parents, brother, sister and her family) all came to our house! We had fun just being all together, which doesn't happen very often since we live in different states! It was nice and relaxing and everyone enjoyed getting to cuddle and spend time with Miss B! We had a gingerbread making contest, boys vs. girls..... and the GIRLS WON! We also went to Kemah and Brooklyn enjoyed seeing the fish at the Aquarium!

The GIRLS Gingerbread House!

Notice the Hot Tub on the Roof Deck :)

The GUYS Gingerbread Hunting Lodge
with a Fish Pond! I must say I was impressed!

Going up the tower at Kemah Boardwalk

Brooklyn mesmerized by all the fish at the Aquarium

Christmas Day
Christmas morning we video taped Brooklyn waking up with our new video camera! It was so sweet and she was such a happy girl! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with family and Brooklyn enjoyed it too...although her dinner came later ;)

B looking at all her gifts.....
(most of these were from the night before
that I just put under the tree...hehe she'll never know!)
"For ME!"

Christmas Dinner with the Family
Thank you Uncle Erik, Auntie Andi, and Tia
for coming all the way from Colorado to see me :)
I love you!!!!

Christmas with MeMaw and DaDaw
Normally Brad's Dad's side of the family leaves the day after Christmas for a week long trip. In the past it was to Colorado, but lately they have changed it up a bit and last year we went to New Mexico. This year we all decided it would be fun to spend the whole day together and just hang out at the house. It really is just about being together...RIGHT :)? We had breakfast at MeMaw and DaDaw's, and then walked over to Mark and Kathy's house where the kids had a scavenger hunt to find their gifts, ate lunch, and just talked and talked until after dinner! It was so much fun and such a joy to see this side of the family growing with all the new babies...and one who is one the way :)

The Walkers

Whew...that about wraps up 2010! It was such a blessed year for us and one we will never forget!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Ah yes it is that time of year! I can tell becasue I am sooooo busy I have not been able to keep up with my blog AT ALL!!! Things are going well here just busy getting ready for Brooklyn's very first Christmas :) Even though she has NO CLUE what is going on, we are having a lot of fun with it and can't wait! Anyway so from our house to yours.....

Happy Holidays

More to come on B's first Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010



Well as I mentioned in an earlier post Brooklyn better get use to THIS:
(this pictures make me laugh so hard!)

TWO new boy cousins on the way so now there will be a total of 7 boy cousins all under the age of 1 1/2 and Miss Brooklyn is the only girl! She is going to be one tough cookie ;)

Anyway made me think that I should give an update on cousin Bryce so here ya go :)

Brooklyn and Bryce are complete opposites, even down to the hair! I say Brooklyn got all the energy and Bryce got all the hair...HAHA! Bryce loves his paci and Brooklyn...well...not so much :-P. Bryce just chills and hangs out and Brooklyn....well....not so much HA! They are both totally awesome and all of us paretns just can't get enough of either one. We are looking forward to the day when they can play and really recoginze each other. Right now they just kinda stare at one another and maybe grab at each other (especially my Brooklyn)! Although Brooklyn was born a month before Bryce when Bryce turned 3 months he passed Brooklyn up in he is a good 4 pounds heavier, BUT that is good.... he's the boy!!! Grammy bought a double stroller so when the grandbabies come to her house she can take them on walks :) She also takes lots of picture when they are at her house together, but I only have a few....Here are Brooklyn and Bryce :)

I'm not sure how old they are guess is Brooklyn was about 3 months and Bryce 2

.... a little older

When we are out people think they are twins....I don't get it, but I guess lots of twins look nothing alike ;)
This was taken a few weeks's not a very good picture but it was the best one out of like 10 I took HA!
"Hey Bryce whats up?"
"Oh not much Brooklyn.....this stroller is fun but I'm getting hungry!"
The two of them on Thanksgiving :)
More to come with these two.......

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Year Ago....

One year ago today I found out I was going to be a MOMMY! One year ago tomorrow Brad found out he was going to be a DAD! Best thing that has even happened to us :)

I decided to repost what I had written in honor of this special day. As I reread this, it was like it happened yesterday! Made me cry all over again...especially now as I hold our little Brooklyn.

It started on December 4th:

Brad was out of town with his dad, so I was home by myself. I knew “something” was missing the whole week ;) but I was so nervous to take a pregnancy test. I was scared to get my hopes up. By the 6th day, December 4th, I finally started to think WOW this really could be happening! I immediately thought of how I would tell Brad! I knew he would want to be surprised. The other day Brad and I had pulled out some photo albums from when we were dating. It was fun reminiscing and since I love scrapbooking I came up with the idea to make him a scrapbook. Now I still hadn’t taken a test at this point, but by the time the book was done I just had a feeling that it was true (plus I had a wave of nausea come over me that had me running to the bathroom...later I learned I was almost 5 weeks)! I knew I didn’t want to take the test until the day Brad would be home so I could tell him the same day. So the plan was to take the test in the morning, put a picture of the positive pregnancy test in the back of the book and give it to him that night when he returned home.

Around 10 am December 5th I couldn’t wait another minute. I was watching TV and another wave of nausea hit me. I needed food and needed it NOW!

I was shaking as I set the test aside and waited! I didn’t need to wait long before I saw the word I so longed to see..... PREGNANT! I sat on the bathroom floor crying...I sobbed. I remember saying a prayer to our Lord thanking Him for this gift and answering our prayers. Even though I was alone, I didn’t feel alone. I knew God was right there rejoicing with me. I sobbed some more.

Of course I wanted to call Brad right away, but didn’t want to tell him this kind of news over the phone. I distracted myself by finishing his book with the picture of the positive test. It was prefect! I keep reading his book over and over and every time I got the the last page I cried again!

Around 3 pm that day I got a phone call from Brad. They had to change plans and were headed to Austin. They might not be back until the next day, Sunday. NOOOOOOOOOOOO that was all I could my head of course, I didn't want to give him any hints. I told him that was ok, but I sure wished he was coming home today. He said he was sorry and maybe they would be in early Sunday morning. I went to bed that night and woke up with him by my side. He had made it home around 2 that morning....I never heard him.

I decided to wait until after church to tell him. Believe me this was not easy, but I wanted us to not feel rushed and by the time we both woke up we only had 45 minutes until it was time to leave. It was the longest church service ever, not literally, it just FELT that way. I even cried during services, just pure joy. Brad wrapped his arm around me thinking it was because of the sermon.....little did he know ;) Within a few minutes of arriving home and emptying my bladder for the 10th time that day. I had him sit down on the couch and I gave him his book.

He slowly read through each page. He was a little teary eyed and when he read the last page he looked at me and said “Are you Serious!!!” with tears rolling down his face. He hugged me and we both cried and cried. It was perfect!

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